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Free Domain Parking...
Domain parking allows you to purchase your domain name (, etc.) from InterNIC ( and have a DNS server park your domain as being "Under Construction".  You may see a parked domain example by visiting .  If you wish to do this, AJA Computers, Inc. offers this free service as an introduction to our web hosting service. We reserve the right to refuse sites/domains that we deem inappropriate.  Please visit our Policy Statement if you have questions.

You must first acquire your domain name by visiting a registrar and paying the fee. If you would like to use Network Solutions, click below:

Network Solutions Logo Hey, are you available? Enter your domain name here and find out.

Otherwise, you can select another registrar.  You will need the following information:

Primary Domain Name Server Name:
Primary Domain Name Serve IP:
Secondary Domain Name Server Name:
Secondary Domain Name Server IP:

After registering your site, fill out the form below.  Our technical support staff will enable DNS service for your domain and point it to a similar under construction page (as listed above).

Free Domain Parking Request

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Enter your Domain: www.
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