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Inventory Control Software

Inventory Control software and computers available for shops unable to afford the high expense of computerizing their business.   We'll supply you a great computer system at a fraction of the cost.. For information or a free demo, Phone Anthony at  215.343.6979 

 Software Description

Includes: Menu driven, password protected, fully integrated, Customized inventory control software including POINT OF SALE invoicing, major unit-profiling, multi-user Network compatible, pricing matrix with 10 pricing Levels for parts, resale, mail list for unit Purchasers, counter sales. Major unit invoicing With automatic trade-in entry, 11 option search part Screen and accounts receivable flag in header screen.  Model search screen whereby a model is inserted and the computer will display 72 commonly used parts and statistics for the vehicle with option to search inventory and invoice immediately.  Reports: unit inventory and sales profiles by date, make, sales- person etc., parts reports and labels for entire inventory. Ten level Matrix pricing, cash drawer support, phone # search on data base, updated manufacturers included


     AJA COMPUTERS, INC. was incorporated in 1982 with the specific purpose of
supplying quality software and unparalleled support at a reasonable and fair price and for the past 20 years AJA has met this need on a national scale. 

     AJA COMPUTERS, INC  developed software for Power Equipment and Cycle industry over 15 years ago.  After analyzing the business model and relying on 20 years experience in vertical market software development, AJA COMPUTERS, INC evaluated the market and found that it was under serviced and over looked.   Upon review, and with the ongoing input and feedback from the industry, the software product was developed and tested locally and launched nationally.

    We back up our 20 years computer experience with close contact and feedback from the business's we support.  We believe that the backbone of our business and the reason for our long term success is the close relationship we have with our users in the field and our attitude that we are partnered with them.  As we contribute to their  business'  profitability, we in turn solidify our reputation as a servant company   This input is invaluable to us, as the users applicate the software daily and are in a position to provide valuable feedback on how it may be enhanced and improved.  With this ongoing feedback, the software you purchase is always growing by taking advantage of the valuable customer input and the latest technological breakthroughs. 
      AJA Computers, Inc. is a "Micro Team" charter member which avails us to the
latest technological breakthroughs as they develop and occur.  Realizing that the computer field is too large and diverse to be able to adequately be on top of every field within it, AJA joined "Micro Team" in 1986. The "Micro Team" concept enables us to have available advice and assistance from individuals proficient in various technology fields without the corresponding huge payroll. Thus we are able to have extremely efficient hardware and software designs which are substantially better while less expensive than the competition which fulfills our purpose of supplying good quality hardware and software at a reasonable and fair price.