Printer Requirements and Setup Info

 For printer speed and ease of setup and installation, Parallel port dot matrix printer are the recommended printer, any other printer needs to be installed by a Network support specialist.  Printers other than parallel dot matrix often do not align properly and USB printers are not recommended as they need to be setup as a network printer with slow printing and other undesirable results 

Also if you have problems with print job being delayed on XP/2000 machines, you can try the following;

click : Hkey_local_machine
then click : System
then click : CurrentControlSet
then click : Control
somewhere at the bottom of the control list Click: WOW
in LPT_timeout property change it to 2 (seconds)


 What we do is take the registry setting and go in and create a string. The XP machines we used it on did not have this setting but most other XP machines do have it already created. If it doesn't just go to the stated registry setting, in this case it's, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WOW\LPT_timeout,

if the LPT_timeout is listed all you have to do is modify the the string value. (right click the string) All you have to change is the 15 to a 5. We tried 5 seconds and it doesn't hesitate at all. You could probably take it down to 1 but.... we wanted to give it some time. 5 works great. Now, if the string LPT_timeout isn't listed right click the WOW folder within the registry and create a new string value. Call the string LPT_timeout then modify it and for the value put in 5. Save your reg settings and this should do it for you.