Create Shortcut without using Wizard

Right click on a empty portion of the desktop.

In the box that opens, choose new, then shortcut.

Browse to or Locate the file goajaxp.bat in the c:\ folder

Follow the wizard to place the shortcut on the desktop.

Don't change any properties at this time..

Use the shortcut to Enter to the first screen

in the upper left corner of the first screen, click on the dot

choose properties,  then choose  full screen

then upon exiting, apply changes to shortcut that started program.

Create Shortcut using Wizard

If you're looking to create a shortcut, the easiest way is using the Create Shortcut Wizard. The wizard is available by right clicking any open area of the Desktop or the window currently open. Select [New] and click [Shortcut] to open the wizard as shown below.

In this example, I'm creating a shortcut to open Windows Explorer with the /e switch.
Using the [Browse...] button is the easiest way to find the drive, folder, or file for the shortcut.

To create the AJA shortcut, choose browse and locate goajaxp.bat in the root folder i.e: cd\

Type a name for the shortcut and click [Finish] to close the wizard.  In this instance, name it aja Inventory Control.  After creating the shortcut, return to the desktop, double click on it to enter the aja inventory program.  Once the initial aja screen appears, right click on the "x" in the upper left hand corner, if an "x" does not appear, press alt/Enter to change the screen.  Clicking the "x" opens the properties box, select full screen, then upon exiting choose apply to this shortcut, so the change is permanently applied to the shortcut just created.

If you have trouble setting the screen size, check the properties for the following settings.


Screen buffer size and Window size are 80 W X 25 H

Window position  choose  (Let system position window)


Choose Win 95 or Win 98 / ME compatibility mode